I was so excited when I was contacted by AdoreMe, a company which I’d say revolutionizes the way you can shop for lingerie, for some fall inspiration (a #flirtyfallflatlay, if you will). At AdoreMe, not only is there a focus on design, but more importantly (in my opionion) a focus on what works for your body and what your personal preference is. Let’s face it, not everyone likes the “cheeky” cut.

So in the spirit of fall having officially started, here are a couple of looks to keep you comfy and stylin’ throughout the season.


Time to unpack those chunky sweaters! Everyone looks good in an oversized sweater or cardigan and it’s the perfect attire for a Sunday morning after brewing a cup of tea or reading a good book (have you checked out Marie Kondo’s book yet? You definitely should – your sock drawer will thank you). But just because it’s getting chilly, doesn’t mean we have to do away with the lace. I’m a comfort girl first, but I hate wearing sweats every day. Up the ante with a lacy slip dress, even if you’re just dressing for yourself. You don’t need a special occasion to feel sexy.

Here’s a trick for your lacy bras and bralettes: DIY lavendar sachets (like the one in the first picture) and stash them in your delicates drawer. For me, I picked up sachets when I was in Nice, France and so whenever I catch a whiff, I’m transported back to that lavender street market. Love a little nostalgia first thing in the morning. And you can experiment with scents throughout the year. I also really like cypress during winter months which has a smoky, pine scent.


If you’re not feeling the pretty pastels, no reason you can’t go back to basics with black. Anyone else like lounging in Nike exercise shorts? After a morning yoga session? Nothing like it. Pair it with a bralette for a feminine touch (I personally have bralettes in a bunch of different colours since they became a thing a year or two ago). And if there’s anything else to add to your shopping list alongside the lingerie, definitely get a drapey denim overshirt. You can wear it at home, for errands or even a casual night out. Denim is definitely my 2016 fall obsession since it goes with everything.

Hope you found something here that gets you excited to start crafting your own fall wardrobe, starting with the little delicates that only you need to know about. Ready for some online shopping (or just a little browse)? Check out AdoreMe’s intimates page for some cute sets. Happy styling!